Infusion Gold Anti-Wrinkle Under-Eye & Eyelid Cream

INFUSION GOLD ANTI-WRINKLE UNDER-EYE & EYELID CREAM nourishes mature skin around the eyes, reduces wrinkles and evens out fine lines, even the most deeply embedded ones.

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Active Regeneration & Strengthening Cream For Night

ACTIVE REGENERATION & STRENGTHENING CREAM FOR NIGHTguarantees appropriate skin care and repair. It ensures proper hydration while simultaneously reducing wrinkles and improving the skin tone.

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Infusion Rejuvenation & Deep Wrinkle-Reducing Cream

60+ skin requires highly thoughtful care, mainly because it becomes much thinner, looser and susceptible to the appearance of new lines, all of which is caused by nutrient deficiencies. These exact issues are countered by the INFUSION REJUVENATING & DEEP WRINKLE-REDUCING CREAM 65+. Its formulation contains only carefully selected ingredients which improve the firmness and tone of the skin.

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Infusion Lifting & Wrinkle-Reducing Cream

POUR LA BEAUTÉ INFUSION LIFTING & WRINKLE-REDUCING CREAM is an anti-ageing 45+ nourishing cream that rebuilds the natural firmness of your skin.

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Infusion Anti-Wrinkle Redensifying Cream

INFUSION ANTI-WRINKLE REDENSIFYING CREAM fits the 55+ skin perfectly. Comprehensive collagen fibre regeneration is ensured, as well as improved quality of the structures responsible for the skin’s firmness and elasticity.

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